12. Understand Habits & Lifestyle Changes

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I am sure you have probably heard this before, but if you want to make your progress long lasting, you need to create new habits and change your lifestyle.

When people hear this, they tend to shy away because it sounds like a lot of work.

It can be, but let me break it down a little better for you, because it isn’t as scary or hard as people make it seem.

A habit is something you consistently do or regularly practice. Think about your morning routine for a moment. 

Your routine is made up of habits that you have. Getting up at a certain time, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing your teeth.

These are all habits.

I use this example because it shows you that not all habits are a lot of work. 

And when you work new habits into your routine, it becomes easier.

For example, I work on the third floor at my office building. There is an elevator, but to get more steps in, I take the stairs.

It is easier when you build off of what you already do and start small.

In fact, it is best to start small and continue to build as you become consistent with your new habit. If may feel like it takes more time, but we are focusing on lasting change here!

Especially since your habits then play into your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is simply the way you live

A lifestyle change is modifying the things we have control over, such as your diet or exercise routine.

You can see I did this with the example I provided of taking the stairs at work. And because I build off of that habit, I get an average of 14K steps a day.

Habits lead to lifestyle changes.

When you put it in this context it is easier to see that you can do this!

How To Use This Today

Start to build habits off of what you already do, that are in line with your main goal. This might take some consideration because you want to start off small and grow.

I’m a fan of examples so here is another one. If you are working on weight loss or eating healthier but you have a soda every day, switch your bottle of soda for a bottle of water. 

Cutting out soda can be extremely hard for some people, so maybe you decide on which days to have soda and slowly keep cutting it back until it’s just water.

If you do this, make sure you plan it out and put a timeline on it. It is still a goal after all and doing that is going to give you something to aim for.

Otherwise you will just keep putting it off.

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