13. Know Your Diet

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I want to start by saying I am not a licensed nutritionist and I would never claim to be. But I feel this is very important to cover. I will not be recommending any sort of diet plans for health issues.

I have done a lot of my own research on the topic and have even taken a short online course through Stanford called Introduction to Food and Health. I’ve also read countless nutrition articles.

So I will cover it briefly. You can always consult a professional if you need.

When I say diet, I am talking about how you are eating, not an actual diet plan such as keto.

This is vital because most people don’t think of their diet as just how they eat. So much information out there talks about dieting and the current trendy diet that people should be on.

When I talk about diet, I simply mean making healthier informed choices.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to indulge on occasion, but that is the key. Making sure your indulgence isn’t done consistently and it’s done in moderation.

Understanding what your body needs and learning to have a good relationship with food is going to help you to eat better.

That is why I will always recommend that you research any specific diet, if you plan on trying it.

People want an easy solution. That is why we have diets that cut out certain items.

But healthy eating, unfortunately, isn’t that simple. Your body is complex and needs a lot of different things in moderation.

One of the biggest and best recommendations I can make to you is to cook at home.

Cooking can be a lot of fun. So many people feel like it is a time suck or a chore.

In reality, if you do some meal planning, you can easily make delicious meals in 30 minutes.

And if you keep some key ingredients in your kitchen, such as olive oil, frozen vegetables, chicken, and seasonings, you can easily whip up a meal, even when you don’t have anything planned.

Anything you make at home is sure to be healthier than any processed foods you buy.

Plus, cooking can be empowering.

You are in control when you cook. You decide what it is going to taste like and how healthy it is by what you add to it.

And who doesn’t love making a meal that others enjoy? 

If cooking just isn’t your thing, consider getting a subscription for a food delivery service, such as Hello Fresh or Every Plate.

Finally, I want to share two great tips with you when it comes to your diet. 

First, learn some healthier substitutions for the foods you like.

For example, if you are a chocolate lover, switch to dark chocolate. Maybe you prefer potato chips. These can easily be substituted for popcorn or pork rinds.

The point here is to find healthier options for the things you love, that are still satisfying to you.

Second, learn to read a nutrition label.

This is going to be extremely eye opening if you get in the habit of checking the label.

You will be surprised as to what is in your food. Like the fact that they add sugar to a lot of breads and practically everything else.

Take the time to look at your food to see how healthy it really is for you. Especially foods that are labeled healthy, such as fat free.

How To Use This Today

Take a close look at your eating habits. I would suggest tracking them by keeping a food log and see where you are at.

This is going to show you what you can improve upon or where you should be making changes.

Check out the nutrition label of the foods you eat most often and decide if they should really stay in your diet.

If you aren’t sure how to read a nutrition label, I have you covered. Check out my post entitled, How To Read A Nutrition Label.






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