3. Consistency is Key

Calendar- Consistency is Key

This is one of the biggest takeaways from this starter guide. 

So many people are not consistent and that is why they do not see results. And when you feel like you are doing something and not seeing results, you get discouraged and give up altogether.

Consistency means you adhere to the same course of action. You are doing it routinely, not just on occasion.

That means if you are trying to lose weight, you can’t throw in a salad that’s mostly dressing and croutons every once in a while and sporadically workout, expecting that you will lose weight.

You need to eat healthy most days and get yourself on a workout routine.

That is why, when you set your goal, you want to plan how you are going to get that goal.

It is easier to be consistent when you know what you should be doing.

I can tell you when I first started getting into my workout routine, I was not the most consistent. It wasn’t until I really specified how I was going to do it and challenged myself, that I became consistent.

I decided I would workout in the mornings for at least 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week. I love my Fitbit, so this is easy to track for me and it tells me how many times I workout. So, I like to try and beat my goal each week. 

Even when you start off small and change/make little habits, consistency is vital.

If you can make small changes stick, it is going to be easier to make the bigger ones stick too. 

And I can tell you even consistent small changes can make a huge impact. For example, say you cut out your daily can of coke and replace it with water.

Seems like it wouldn’t be that big of a habit to kick.

It is just one drink, right?

But drinking water instead would save you about 52,500 calories a year. That can translate to 15 pounds!

Put it that way, it doesn’t seem so small.

How To Use This Today

You can’t really implement this in one day because consistency is done over time. But, you can plan what you want to start being consistent with. This will tie in with your goal and your plan on how to reach that goal.

So, make today your first day of being consistent with your goal.

That means, if your goal is to exercise, make sure you get a workout in today. Eat healthier, skip the vending machine or stick to just water.

Whatever it may be, pick today to start and make a vow that you will continue to be consistent.

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