4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

This goes hand in hand with challenging yourself. Just keep in mind, there is a difference between challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

For example, it is a challenge for me to shave off an extra minute on my mile run by the end of the month. I like to run so this isn’t something new for me.

However, I had to step outside my comfort zone when I decided to throw in some night time yoga. I never knew what to think about yoga before and actually thought I wouldn’t like it.

But, I did it anyway. And turned out, I don’t mind it. It actually helps to relax my body.

If you aren’t willing to step outside your comfort zone, there is no telling what you could miss out on.

There is so much about yourself that you could learn from this, like your resilience, determination, and drive.

Plus, you could find many things you actually enjoy that you never thought you would before.

It expands your experiences, which can give you a new perspective.

And stepping outside your comfort zone can present its own challenge to you! Remember, challenges keep you motivated and interested.

So, never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

It keeps things interesting and you might find something you really like.

How To Use This Today

This might be one of those things that don’t get used today, but you should keep in mind.

What I would suggest is taking some time looking at your goal and making a list of some things you could do that would take you out of your comfort zone.

For example, if you are trying to workout routinely, maybe you try some yoga like I did.

Trying to eat healthy, you could use some ingredients you wouldn’t normally use/try. Quinoa anyone?

Once you have your list and you start working on your goal consistently, you can pick some things off the list to give a shot.

I recommend doing it this way because you don’t want to take on too much all at once.

Stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t always easy, so you want to have a solid foundation before doing so.

Doing too much too fast can become overwhelming and the key here is to make you successful.

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