6. Plan For Setbacks

Flat Tire- Plan For Setbacks

This section might seem weird to you and maybe even a little counterintuitive. Stick with me though and it will all make sense.

You are going to learn to treat setbacks differently than you ever have before.

Always plan for setbacks. You are human, which means you aren’t perfect. And that’s ok!

You can’t expect to work on your goals and never have any issues. I want to set you up for success. An important part of that is realizing that you will slip up, but you can recover.

People really struggle when they are working towards a goal, hit an obstacle, and get so discouraged they end up sabotaging themselves.

I have seen family members change their diets and shame themselves for eating something that “wasn’t good” for them.

Have you ever done something like this to yourself before?

Realize that you are going to slip up and that it is no big deal as long as you get back on track.

Don’t punish yourself if you slip up either. Just because you ate a burger and fries the night before doesn’t mean you have to eat only salad the next day. 

Doing this, or punishing yourself with an extra workout, when you have a setback is only going to ruin your relationship with food and exercise.

On top of making you feel bad about yourself.

So, again, acknowledge that this can happen, it’s alright, and keep moving forward as if it didn’t happen.

If you are slipping up frequently, you need to re-evaluate your plan of attack.

Look at what is making you slip up, what you are doing when you slip up, and come up with ways to overcome these obstacles, so they don’t keep happening.

For example, pretend you are trying to eat healthier but you keep slipping up. You take note that you are getting stressed out at work so you visit the vending machine most days.

To overcome this you decide to try some relaxation techniques when you are feeling stress at work, which helps your mental health as well as keeps you from “needing” to go to the vending machine.

How To Use This Today

Look at your goal today and make a list of possible setbacks you could have. Maybe you have tried to work on this goal before, so you know what obstacles you have encountered in the past.

You are viewing your setbacks differently this time around. So, don’t get down on yourself if you have several items on your list. Instead, you are going to make an action plan for each obstacle. A way for you to overcome it.

This is going to be super helpful to you later on because, when you do hit a wall, you will know what to do to get over it and keep moving towards your goal.

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