8 Awesome Herbs to Boost Your Digestive Health

Several Herbs to Aid in Digestion

Improving your digestive health can help you in many ways. Digestion is important because it breaks down the foods and drinks you consume, into nutrients. Nutrients are then used for energy, growth, and cell repair.

In order to get those nutrients, your body must first break them down, or digest them.

There are several herbs that can help to improve your digestive health. This is a great list to have because many of these herbs are easy to find and can be used in everyday cooking.

Benefits of Good Digestive Health

People work to improve their digestion for a few main reasons.

  • Lose Weight
  • Live Healthier
  • Feel Less Gassy and Bloated

As you can see from those three reasons to improve digestive health, they link directly to health and fitness. And if you aren’t sure why that is important, make sure to read my post entitled, What is Health & Fitness and Why Should You Care.

Each of these herbs have specific benefits they offer as well.

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why many people work to improve their digestive health. And like I mentioned earlier, many of these herbs can be used in your cooking. So, it can be pretty easy to help improve your digestion.

While you go through this list, I want you to keep something in mind. I will be talking about the benefits from these herbs. They might not seem like they directly link to digestion, but they do all link to aiding it.

Ginger Root for Digestive Health

Ginger Root and Ginger Tea for Digestion

Ginger root can help to alleviate nausea, motion sickness, and even pain. If you think about it, there are a countless number of instances when ginger can help.

Nausea from pregnancy or being sick. Motion sickness from riding in a car or plane (great to keep in mind if you have kids with motion sickness).

And how many of us don’t have some sort of pain at least every now and then?

Another fascinating benefit to ginger root is that it can help with a loss of appetite by getting rid of that feeling of not being hungry although you should be.

Each of these is important because, if you are sick, in pain, or don’t eat, you are affecting your digestion. If there is no food in your body (or you are in so much pain you skip eating), then your body has nothing to break down into nutrients.

Lastly, ginger has been shown to stimulate saliva, bile, and gastric juices, which can help stimulate healthy digestion.

Ginger root can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, in oil form, or as juice.


Peppermint to Help the Digestive Tract

Peppermint can to relieve gas, bloating, and indigestion. Each of these are connected to your digestion.

Gas and bloating can give you pain and make you feel fat. It is an uncomfortable feeling. The peppermint can help relieve the pain caused from this as well.

Peppermint has also been shown to relax muscles in your digestive system. This can help ease digestion and stop stomach cramping. Ladies, this includes during your period.

This has been shown to help those with IBS too.

There are many more benefits to peppermint, but there are three more I feel I should mention because when we don’t feel at our best, we can’t take as good of care of our bodies as we should.

The three extra benefits are, it may relieve tension headaches and migraines, relieve clogged sinuses, and fight bacterial infections.

Orange and Lemon

Orange and Lemon to Absorb Nutrients and Help with Digestion

Not only are citrus fruits packed with vitamin C and potassium, but they also have many benefits for your digestion.

They can help increase the natural secretion of digestive juices. This can help your body break down food more efficiently. Which can contribute to better waste elimination.

Orange and lemon can aid your body in absorbing nutrients better, which we learned earlier are key for things such as energy, growth, and cell repair.

Chamomile for Digestive Health

There is evidence that suggests chamomile may be effective for promoting better digestion by reducing the risk of certain gastrointestinal conditions.

It can be a natural way to relieve nausea, heartburn, and gas.

Chamomile may also help to alleviate stomach cramping, which can be a great help to those with IBS or colitis.


Cumin to Alleviate Indigestion

Cumin is yet another great herbs that can help your digestive system. A common use for cumin when it is associated with the digestive system, is that it helps with indigestion.

This herbs also aids in reducing gas and bloating.

It does have a strong, distinct flavor, but the benefits of it can be amazing.

As a side note, a fascinating detail about cumin is that it has also been linked to assisting with drug dependence.


Fennel to Combat Bloating and Gas in the Digestive Tract

Fennel helps combat bloating and gas in the digestive tract. Not only does fennel strengthen the digestive system, but they also help alleviate cramping, nausea, and gas.

It can reduce inflammation help to keep you more regular.


Dandelion for a Mild Laxative

This is an herb you probably never think about using. Dandelions are abundant in a variety of vitamins and minerals.

They have been used as a natural remedy for various health conditions, and sometimes people use them as a mild laxative, which can be beneficial for those with constipation.

Dandelions can help fight inflammation and can promote a healthy liver. The liver is involved in digestion by processing nutrients that are absorbed, which is important for your body.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root to Sooth Irritation and Inflammation in the Digestive Tract

When doing research for this article, I had no idea that there was something called marshmallow root. You might not be aware of that either.

This herb helps to sooth irritation and inflammation in the digestive tract.

I felt that it was important to include herbs that are less common as well because you never know what will work best for you. You might find that marshmallow root works better for you than cumin.

It can never hurt to have more options to choose from.

Use the Herbs

Your digestive health is very important to your body and can greatly affect you. You want to make sure your digestive system is working properly and is pain free.

If it is not working at its best, you can’t be at your best.

Ginger root, chamomile, and fennel can help reduce nausea and ease your stomach. Dandelion can be used as a mild laxative and, along with marshmallow root, may also fight inflammation.

Peppermint and cumin can help with gas and bloating. While orange and lemon aid your body in absorbing nutrients.

The many benefits to using these herbs can be yours. And there are many different ways you can consume these herbs, so with a little trial and error, you are bound to find what works for you.

And if you are looking for other ways to improve your health, you will want to read, 6 Easy Ways to Be Healthier Every Day.

8 Herbs to Improve Your Digestive Health
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