9. Know Safety First

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This can be applied to health or fitness and should always be taken seriously.

A lot of people overlook safety aspects, but here we do things right!

So always keep this information in mind.

You should always consult your doctor before making any diet changes or if you feel you might have any health concerns.

I do not pretend to be a personal trainer. I just have my own experience from my years of working on my own health and fitness, as well as helping family and friends.

I want to make that clear, which is another reason I always suggest you talk to your doctor.

Knowing safety first can tie in with doing your research. Your doctor can be a research tool, you can consult a trained professional, or you can look online.

If you aren’t positive about something, you should look it up to make sure it is safe, you are using it safely, or you are doing it safely.

An example I recently had was with a drink (Celsius) my sister had tried and liked. She asked me if I knew anything about it because she was thinking about getting more of it.

I had not heard about it but told her I would see what I could find. I looked up all of the ingredients that I wasn’t familiar with, to make sure they were safe.

Turned out it was a very safe drink and she and I actually have it on occasion for some extra energy.

This is something easy you can do as well, to make sure you are informed.

I also want to point out, specifically when it comes to exercise, that you warm-up beforehand, use proper form, and have a spotter.

I want you to take this to heart because so many people skip warming up, thinking they don’t need to.

This can be a quick 5-10 min to stretch and get your blood flowing. This helps to warm up your muscles, which means less chance of injury.

Proper form is also vital to ensure you do not injure yourself.

I was in powerlifting in high school, so I can tell you firsthand if you do not use proper form, you can seriously injure yourself. I have unfortunately seen this before.

And if you decide to lift weights, especially once you get to heavier weights, an accident can be devastating.

Fortunately, many of the accidents I have seen did not turn out as bad as they could have, because of the use of spotters.

If you aren’t familiar, a spotter is someone that supports a lifter allowing them to do more than they normally could safely.

This person is there to help lift the weight if the weightlifter cannot, thus helping them to avoid injury.

You can’t really work on your fitness if you are laid up from an injury, so be sure to warm-up, use proper form, and have a spotter.

I want to point out, if you do not know how to do an exercise, take the time to look it up. Here is where that research comes in again. There are a ton of posts and videos online to help.

How To Use This Today

Take a look at your goal and research what safety tips you should know about your topic. If you aren’t super familiar with your goal topic, make sure you do some solid research. 

For example, if you are trying to lose weight and decide you want to try a certain diet plan to help, such as keto.

Even if you know the basics of the diet, do your research! Look at the pros and cons of it so you know how it could affect you.

And don’t forget to consult your doctor if you have concerns.

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