Beginners Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet

Everything you need to know about starting the keto diet.

The keto diet is a very low-carb, some protein, and high fat diet. This is a very simple explanation, but there is so much more to the keto diet.

Keto has become a very popular diet. When looking at starting a diet, people want results and fast. I am not saying that this diet will magically make you lose 10 lbs overnight.

But it can help you shed the pounds and if you stick with it, can keep them off. Now you might be thinking that if you stick to any diet you can keep the weight off.

This can be true, but keto is much easier to stick to than other traditional diets and has other health benefits as well.

The Goal of the Keto Diet

The goal of the keto diet is to get your body into what is called ketosis. This happens when you eat low carbs and your body must turn to burning fat for energy.

That means, when you take out foods with carbs and sugars, your body does not have those to burn. So, it must turn to other sources, meaning fat.

Eating Habits

Keto Diet Pizza

Let’s be honest for a moment. Many of us have bad habits when it comes to what we eat. Most of us have been eating this way for years. To think that you can undo all those bad habits overnight is crazy.

It is important to keep in mind that it will take some time to see the results that you want. Luckily, for most people it is not too hard to stick with this diet.

One of the biggest things I have learned from people that are able to stick to this diet, is to find substitutes for the foods you love. For example, pizza with a cauliflower crust, or keto cheesecake.

Swerve is a great sugar substitute for when you are still in need of that sweetness or to replace in your favorite foods, such as cheesecake.

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And for a great waffle recipe that has multiple options, such as using it as a bread substitute, check out Chaffles: The Best Keto Friendly Waffles.

Fats Not Carbs or Sugars on Keto

Steak for the Keto Diet

Again, this is a low-carb high-fat diet.

Like many, you are probably thinking that eating more fat can’t help you lose weight.

What you must first get out of you head is that eating fat does not make you fat. Certain fats are good for your body.

You also need to remember is you are getting your body to burn that fat. By eating low-carbs and low sugars, your body burns the fat instead of the carbs and sugars because you are no longer giving your body enough of that to burn.

Your body has no choice but to turn to fat burning.

Caloric Intake/Macros

Keto Salad

To know how many fats, proteins, and carbs you should be eating, you need to figure out your caloric intake.

This is the number of calories you consume in a day. For an average 2,000 calorie diet you would want to eat 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

Obviously, this will change depending on the person. There are many free keto calculators online where you can input your information to see how many fats, proteins, and carbs are best for you.

To make the biggest impact, you want to keep an eye on your Macros (Macronutrients) not just the calories you are consuming.

These are the molecules that our bodies use to create energy. For example, if you ate 100 calories of avocado (fat), or 100 calories of a donut (sugar), which do you think is better for your body? The avocado of course!

This is just a simple example to show you that focusing on calorie intake is not going to help you as much as macros because it really depends on the type of calories you are putting in your body.


Food Pyramid- What to Eat and What Not to Eat

I know I sound like a broken record, but you should be eating low-carbs, moderate protein, and high fat foods.

The great part about the Keto diet for many people is that they still have many great options of foods to choose from.

Foods you want to be eating are natural fats, such as butter or olive oil. Also, meats, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, and vegetables that grow above the ground. These are all low-carb, low sugar foods, and are high in fat.

You will want to avoid foods that are high in sugars and starches. This includes, pasta, potatoes, soda/juice, bread, and fruit.

I realize you might have to cut out or cut back on a lot of things you love. However, people have come up with many alternative options so they can still eat what they love. For example, you can make pizza crust out of cauliflower.

(Stay tuned to my site for a future post on some of the best Keto recipes!)


There are many other benefits to the Keto diet besides weight loss.

It can also help with appetite control. By eating high fat it helps your body to feel fuller longer.

It has been proven to help control blood sugar and, in some cases, has even reversed type 2 diabetes.

From the low-carbs, it has shown to improve cholesterol and blood pressure.

Also, because you aren’t eating foods your body doesn’t need, you can increase your energy and your mental and physical endurance.

Sticking to the Keto Diet

I know we covered a lot of information, but this is just a general overview of the keto diet so you can determine if it is for you.

For many, only consuming very low carbs and sugars can be difficult to stick with at first. Like any diet, it takes some time to get in the swing of it. But stick with it!

If you are looking to lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy other health benefits, then keto is for you.

Beginners Guide to the Keto Diet
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