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It is a great feeling the moment you decide to start being healthier. To get the motivation to work out and reach those goals you have wanted for so long. But that can quickly disappear if you do not have the right exercise equipment at home to get great work out.

Chances are, if you have not been doing much in the way of exercise, you probably don’t have much, if any, equipment.

And if you don’t, that is alright because you probably don’t know what you should be buying just yet.

I am going to walk you through the best exercise equipment to get, that will not only allow you to do countless different exercises but will fit in whatever space you have available.

Why Not a Gym

Living Room

At this point, maybe you are considering just joining a gym. They already have the equipment which means you don’t have to worry about buying it.

There are many different reasons why people don’t join gyms that you should also consider.

Now, I will never discourage someone from joining a gym. Whichever you choose is a step towards a healthier you, which is the goal.

And you should do what is best for you.

I joined a gym for a while and now I work out at home, so I know both sides.

I actually prefer working out at home for many of the reasons I am going to tell you about.


Comfy Cat

This is probably the biggest reason many prefer to work out at home. They are more comfortable in their own home.

They do not have the confidence to walk into a gym without worrying about,

a) what they look like and

b) if they are doing exercises right.

When you feel like people are staring at you, or judging you, it can be really hard to get a good workout in.

And feeling judged can discourage you from continuing to work out.

So, if you are not the most confident, working out at home is a great alternative.

It is also more comfortable not to be surrounded by so many people, if you happen to go on a busy day/time.

And at home, the exercise equipment is always open for you to use.


Checking Watch

No matter how good you are at managing your time, sometimes it seems there is just not enough time in a day to get everything done.

We are busy people.

So, many people decide they do not want to waste the time driving to the gym, get their workout in, and waste more time to drive home.

If you are considering joining a gym, think about how much time it would take you to drive each way.

For some this might not matter to them. But if your life is hectic enough, saving yourself that time can make a big difference.

It is also more convenient if you do not have a lot of time to exercise on some days because you can still get a quick workout in since your gym is in your home.

I love the fact of saving time. My life is very busy, so to be able to do a quick workout without having to take drive time into consideration is great.

And I can actually get a longer workout in at home because I don’t have to drive somewhere.

Money for Gym vs Exercise Equipment

Money- Get Own Exercise Equipment

Depending on the gym, you might be spending a decent amount on your membership fee.

Some places are very reasonable, but then you have to consider if that make it easier to skip a workout.

If you are paying a lot for your gym membership, that would be an incentive to make you go. However, you must first justify the cost and that is hard for many to do.

When you buy your own exercise equipment, it is a small investment into your health. And the gear is there as a reminder.

You spent good money on it so you should use it. I know that is the way I feel.

No one likes to buy things just to let them sit there and never be used. Unless you are rich and into that type of thing.

But most people prefer to get something out of what they spend their money on.

This can help push you to make sure you stick with a workout routine.

And if you need more help sticking to a workout routine, read this post.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

Alright, now to the reason you are reading this. The best at home exercise equipment that will work in any space.

If you have no idea what kind of gear is best for you, I will tell you that there are endless exercise possibilities with the equipment I am going to share with you.

And what I list for each piece of equipment is not going to be the only thing you can do with it. There are just too many possibilities for me to cover then all.

1. Kettlebells

Exercise Equipment- Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a large ball shaped weight with a single handle on it. It can be used for pretty much any exercise you would use a normal dumbbell for.

These are one of my favorites and I highly suggest getting at least one kettlebell.

If you have never used one before, I do suggest a lighter weight to start.

The feel of using a kettlebell is very unique. Because of its design, the weight is not balanced, so it does make you work a little harder.

A few exercises you can do with a kettlebell are:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Deadlift
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder Press
  • Curls
  • Pushups
Buy Here

This kettlebell is ranked as Amazons #1 best seller. It is made from cast iron and painted for extra durability.

It also comes in ten different weight options, so you can easily choose the right weight for you.

I also want to point out that the kettlebells on Amazon are all comparative in price.

There is no need to spend hours looking for the cheapest one because they prices do not vary by much.

Buy Here

I am adding this second option for kettlebells because I know there will be some people out there that might be concerned with the cast iron possibly hitting the floor when doing certain exercises (like deadlift).

They have started making exercise equipment with that in mind. These are coated in vinyl to give you a little extra protection to protect your floors and reduce noise.

Other than that, you will find it is identical to the first one.

2. Adjustable Dumbbell Exercise Equipment

Adjustable Dumbbell Exercise Equipment

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight of the dumbbell on a single bar.

These are great because you can several dumbbells in one and it saves on space.

I have a set of these, and I love them. It is nice to be able to decide for certain exercises I can do more weight and add it, without having to buy a wide range of normal fixed dumbbells.

I am sure you are familiar with exercises these can be used for, but I am going to name a few anyway.

  • Curls
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • One Arm Dumbbell Rows
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press

I always suggest buy a pair. You can do exercises one arm/leg at a time, but for certain exercises you will want the pair.

For example, it would feel pretty awkward to do lounges with a weight in only one hand. And you could do shoulder shrugs, one shoulder at a time, but it’s easier to do them at the same time.

These can get very pricey. Especially if you look at the high name brand ones, like Bowflex. I am all about good quality gear at a reasonable price.

Buy Here

This option for adjustable dumbbells comes in pairs and comes in options from 40lbs to 200lbs.

The plates are cast iron with a chrome handle, so you can be sure it is durable and will last.

They also have star lock collars, which makes it easy to secure the weights on the handle.

As I said before, they have different weight options for the plates, so you can change the weight depending on your ability and what exercise you are doing.

3. Light Dumbbells

Light Dumbbell Exercise Equipment

It is always a good idea to have some light dumbbells on hand. If you have an adjustable dumbbell set with very low weights, that would work, but usually isn’t the case.

If you are fit and have been working out, you might be able to do some of these with a higher weight.

But if you aren’t or are still getting used to the movement of certain exercises, a lightweight dumbbell should be your go to.

You should also remember that sometimes more reps at a lower weight can be beneficial for you.

Some of these exercises could include:

  • Squat with Shoulder Press
  • Lounge with Bicep Curl
  • One-Two Punches
  • Overhead Squats
  • Dumbbell Flyes
  • Lateral Raises
Buy Here

If you are considering getting a couple different sizes of lighter weight dumbbells, this is the set to get. 3lbs, 5lbs, and 8lbs, are good weights to go with when getting lighter weights.

This set also comes with a stand so you can keep it neat and out of the way.

If you decide you don’t need a set, you can also click on the link and purchase a single pair of weight ranging from 1lb to 18lbs.

4. Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball Exercise Equipment

A medicine ball is a heavy ball used for exercise. It as extra resistance to your movements during an exercise.

Medicine balls come in various pounds as well, so you can choose what is right for you and switch it up down the line if you need to.

I love my medicine ball. It is one of my favorite pieces of gear that I own, and I have had it for a long time.

I mentioned that you can get a heavier one down the line.

You don’t have to do that. I use the same one I have and up the amount of reps I do for certain exercises.

Now, you can use a regular plate you have from your adjustable dumbbells, but most people feel more comfortable with the ball.

And certain exercises, like chest passes, you wouldn’t do with a plate.

On top of that, if you are doing an abdominal exercise and aren’t making sure the ball/plate stays in front of your face, you might bump it with your face.

And I will admit from experience, the ball hurts less.

Some common exercises to use a medicine ball are:

  • Sit-Ups
  • Decline Sit-Ups
  • Russian Twists
  • Chest Passes
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lunges with Twist

I am going to show you two different options for medicine balls.

This fist one is a cheaper option.

Buy Here

It has a plain rubber exterior and comes in 6-pounds, 8-pounds, or 10-pounds.

They are a soft weighted toning ball. That means if you were to squeeze it, it has some give to it.

The next ball is the type that I prefer but it is a little more expensive than the previous one.

Buy Here

This medicine ball is also rubber, but it is textured as well. This makes it easier to grip and hold onto, especially when your hands get sweaty.

Another plus about this ball is that you can bounce it off hard surfaces.

This is useful if you want to do exercises where you need to throw the ball but do not have a partner.

I do want to caution you. It could make marks so just be aware of that before you bounce it off just any wall.

This ball also comes in more weight options. From 4-pounds up to 20-pounds.

5. Resistance Bands-Exercise Equipment

Resistance Band Exercise Equipment

These are elastic bands used in strength training. You also see them commonly used for physical therapy.

They can have the same effect as weights and people of any age or fitness level can get a good workout from using them.

Many people also like them because many of the exercises and stretches can be done from a seated position.

Exercises you can do with resistance bands include:

  • Tricep Pushdown
  • Bicep Curls
  • Bent Over Row
  • Pull Apart
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Lateral Lunges
Buy Here

These bands are rated as #1 on Amazon for best resistance bands.

It comes with 5 different bands that range in resistance from extra light to extra heavy.

And if you have never used resistance bands before, these are the bands to get because it also comes with an instructional e-book with walkthroughs on exercises, as well as their online workout video guide.

6. Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat

Most people have seen exercise mats before, so you probably know that it is a mat you lay, sit, or stand on, to do exercises.

Many people refer to it as a yoga mat, however, they are two different things. Yoga mats are thinner, where your exercise mat will be thicker.

It is much more comfortable than being on the hard floor.

You want to be soar from your workout, not from laying on the floor.

Plus, when you work out at home, I’m sure you would much rather sweat on the mat rather than your floor. The mat is always easier to clean.

Exercises you would use an exercise mat for, are:

  • Any Abdominal Exercises
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Plank
  • Lounges (so your knee lands on something softer)
  • Push-Ups
  • Bodyweight Squats
Buy Here

I have a mat just like this one and I love it. It is the perfect thickness for me and is comfortable for whatever exercise I am doing.

These mats are great because they can easily be rolled up and tucked away.

They are also no slip, so you never have to worry when you start to sweat. It is also anti-tear, so no worries there either.

It comes in 7 different colors and is 2ft by almost 6ft, which gives you plenty of room to be comfortable.

7. Ankle Weight Exercise Equipment

Ankle Weight Exercise Equipment

Ankle weights are added weight you put around your ankle (or you could put them on your wrists) to provide resistance in strength training.

I personally do not have any ankle weights, but they are piece of exercise equipment I would like to get.

There are many different exercises that they can help add tension to.

  • Supermans
  • Lunges
  • Arm Circles
  • Calf Raises
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • High Knees
Buy Here

The awesome thing about these ankle weights is that they come in various weights.

So, if you are just starting out and only want a little extra resistance, you can get 1-pound for each ankle.

Then when you become a beast down the road, you can go for 10-pounds each ankle.

And of course, there is everything in between.

They are durable and have an oversized Velcro pad. This allows you to comfortable adjust it to fit your ankle, wrist, or arm.

8. Exercise Ball

Exercise Balls

An exercise ball is a soft elastic ball that is used to strengthen your body and improve your balance and core stability.

If you have ever tried an exercise ball, then you know if adds a unique challenge to your workout.

If you have never used or seen one up close, I do want to point out that they do take up some space. So, keep that in mind if you have a small space.

Exercises you would use this for are:

  • Sit-Ups
  • Decline Push-Ups
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Walk-Outs
  • Chest Press
  • Back Extensions
Buy Here

This particular ball comes in five different sizes. Many people do not realize that they come in different sizes and the size you get will depend on your height.

It is slip resistant and anti-burst so there is never a worry when you are on it.

And anyone can use it, as it holds up to 2,200 pounds.

9. Foam Rollers

Foam Roller Exercise Equipment

These can come in many different shapes, sizes, and textures. They can be used to sooth tight soar areas and aid in the recovery of muscles.

I’ll be honest, I have never actually used one of these. I could never decide if I would use it enough or remember to use it and I have wanted other workout equipment more.

With that being said I know people who have one and they love them. They have said they really do make a difference when it comes to being stiff and sore.

It is a piece of workout equipment they would not want to do without.

You can use a foam roller before and after a workout. Before helps promote a better warm up and after, as we already talked about, can help you recover better.

Buy Here

This is the #1 best selling foam roller on Amazon. From researching, this is the foam roller I would get because of the options it offers.

You can get it in 4 different lengths, which is great because no one is a one size fits all. It is also skinnier than a lot of other rollers, so it is easier to store and get out of the way.

And this roller is durable, which means it maintains and holds its shape even after moderate and heavy use.

10. Pull-Up Bar

Pull-Up Bar Exercise Equipment

I think everyone is aware of what a pull-up bar is and how it is used. It was usually the most dreaded part of gym class for a lot of people.

But, if you don’t, it is a horizontal bar fixed above your head. You use your arms to pull yourself up until your head is above the bar.

There are many different options for pull-up bars. This included options for mounting it into your wall and others that don’t have to be.

Exercises you would use a pull-up bar for include:

  • Pull-Ups
  • Chin-Ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Behind the Neck Pull-Up
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Hanging Shoulder Shrugs
Buy Here

This pull up bar is ranked #1 Best Seller for strength training pull up bars on Amazon.

This is a great bar at an awesome price. You can use it as a pull up bar or for sit-ups, push-ups and dips.

It is easy to install, does not require any drilling, and fits any standard doorway.

Some people worry when they notice there is not much holding this bar up because they do not want to fall.

If that sounds like you, I get it. That is why I included this next bar. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t get the most out of your workout.

Buy Here

This one is a little more expensive, but it locks in place and has nice pads on the ends as added anti-skid protection.

You can adjust the length of it, so it fits in most doorways.

It is also rated for 440lbs and is made from stainless steel.

I suggest looking at both options and determining which you be best for you and your space.

11. Weight Bench

Weight Bench Exercise Equipment

A weight bench is not a necessity when purchasing your own exercise equipment, however it is very useful.

With a bench, you have a lot more exercise options. And I am not just talking about bench pressing.

You can purchase just a weight bench, rather than a whole set.

I do suggest getting one at some point. You will realize how much you can actually use it for.

A few exercises, there are many more, that a hard to do with out a workout bench are:

  • Bench/Dumbbell Press
  • Decline Press
  • Decline Sit-Ups
  • Flyes
  • Incline Press
  • Dumbbell Rows

These can get very costly. If you do decide to get one, make sure that it is not just a flat bench.

Many that you might see at a lower cost are fixed benches, meaning they do not have the ability to move to incline or decline positions.

If you are going to invest in a bench, get one that moves so you can get more out of it.

Buy Here

The backrest on this bench is adjustable to 12 different positions.

It has an 800-pound weight capacity and can be folded up for easy storage.

If you do any extra research into other benches, you will see this is a great price for an adjustable bench and it is actually a lot cheaper than most other benches.

12. Weightlifting Gloves

Alright this is the last piece of exercise equipment I am going to talk about. Weightlifting gloves are by no means an essential for your gear.

However, I like to mention them because they are actually much more useful than people think.

Buy Here

You can get a great pair of gloves at a very reasonable price.

They will help to protect your hands from getting beat up. Many bars that are used are textured, which can cause your hands to become rough over time and cause you to develop calluses.

And an important aspect that many don’t consider is the fact that these gloves can help support your wrists.

Plus, when your palms get sweaty, your weights won’t be sliding out of your hands.

Your Exercise Equipment

Workout Equipment

Working out at home is much more comfortable for most, and it can help you to save time and money.

If you are looking to start building your own mini gym at home, you can now feel confident in what gear you should be looking into.

We covered 12 different pieces of exercise equipment that can allow you to do countless exercises at home.

By no means do you need to know everything about the workout equipment you get right off the bat.

Kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, and light dumbbells can all be used for the same or similar workouts but give you very different experiences.

A medicine ball, resistance bands, and ankle weights can all provide you with extra resistance and give you an added challenge.

Having a pull-up bar and an exercise ball can add a variety to your exercise options.

Finally, an exercise mat, foam roller, weight bench, and weightlifting gloves are not essential to have. However, they can be a great asset to your home gym and help enhance your workout.

Start with one or a few pieces of gear and build your gym. Even starting small is a step in the right direction.

So, stop researching and go get your first piece of equipment today.

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