How to Get Organized to Improve Your Health

Getting Organized at Work

Here We Go Again

I know, another post on organization. If you read my post on How to Manage Stress and What Does Organization Have to do With Health and Fitness, then you understand why it is so important.

If you haven’t read them, GO READ THEM!

It is important to your health and fitness goals.

Since I have written a post on why it is so important, I didn’t want to leave you hanging on how you can go about getting more organized.


In case you didn’t read my other posts, here is what you missed. Being organized has many benefits.

It can help to greatly reduce your stress. Getting organized could also improve your punctuality so you can be on time for work, meet your deadlines, and pay your bills on time.

It can give you a surge of energy and help to improve your sleep.

In a nut shell, these are the biggest reasons organization is important and why you should care about it.

With that being said, we can now get into how you can get yourself organized.

Let’s Get Organized

Ok I am going to make a confession here and tell you that I love organization. Nerdy, I know. But I feel so much better when I’m organized.

My husband would say I am OCD. I’m not that bad! I just like to have things where I can find them and for me when the house is clean, I feel so much more relaxed.

I’m the same way at work. I do a lot of different things at work, so I have different areas labeled for the variety of things I do.

When someone walks into my office and needs me to do something, they can easily find what pile it needs to go on.

This means I don’t have to be interrupted and all of my stuff is in neat piles. I don’t have to guess what is what.

Now back to you!

Getting Organized at Work

When getting organized and decluttering, start small.

When trying to get organized, it can be overwhelming at the number of things you can get in order.

Don’t try to do everything at once or you will get discouraged and quit. The goal is to get organized and stay organized.

So, pick something small to start. Straighten up your desk at work. Make sure all your papers are orderly and you can easily find what you need.

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This desk organizer is a huge help to keep anyone organized! It allows you to keep your pens, paperclips, pushpins, and sticky notes easily accessible.

Organizing Your Kitchen Table

Another great small area to start getting organized is your kitchen table. If yours is anything like mine, it tends to collect a lot stuff. Mail, notes, and other assorted junk. Clean it up.

Get a basket for your mail and make it a point to put other items away rather than leaving them on the table.

Organizing Your Shoes

If you want an area to organize fast, your shoes are the answer.

Get this shoe rack! Put the shoes you wear most on the rack and put the rest in a storage bin or on a separate shoe rack in your closet.

This will make the area you keep your shoes look so much neater and less cluttered.

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Once you have a few smaller areas cleaned up, move onto the bigger areas.

This can include kitchen cabinets, closets/drawers, the garage, and the bathroom.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to organize each of these areas. If you start and have to stop, odds are you will not go back to finish it.

Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

When organizing your kitchen cabinets, keep it simple. Organize it a way you are going to remember where certain items are and remember to continue to put those items in the same area.

I recently cleaned out our food cabinets and found several items I had to throw out because they were shoved to the back and expired.

This stackable can rack is a great option to keep all your canned goods easily reachable and orderly.

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Organizing Your Closets and Dressers

Getting your closets and dresser draws organized can take some work. It will require you to try on some of your clothing to see if it fits.

My advice, if you haven’t worn it in a long time or forgot you had it, odds are you won’t wear it.

Many of us have a tendency to hold on to clothing for sentimental reasons or we tell ourselves we are going to lose weight and fit into it again.

I know I have sentimental clothing in my closet right now.

In Spring we are doing an overhaul of our clothing and getting rid of everything we don’t need.

I made a promise to myself, and my husband is going to keep me to it, to get rid of even the sentimental clothing I no longer wear.

It’s a good idea to have a system when getting organized. Most people keep socks and underwear in their top drawers but it’s chaos from there.

Keep all your t-shirts together in a drawer, jeans in another, and sweatshirts in yet another.

If you strictly use a closet, the same principle applies.

By doing this you will be able to find what you are looking for and know what you have. It will also save you time when picking out clothing because you know exactly where to look.

Again, many people have a lot of shoes.

Here is another option to keep them organized. It fits nicely under your bed and out of the way.

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Organizing Your Garage

If you are looking to clean up the garage, the key is to determine what you need and what you don’t.

Get rid of what you don’t need. Make sure the items you use most frequently are easily accessible.

I am lucky when it comes to this because the garage is more my husband’s space. He has a lot of tools, so he just prefers to clean the garage.

One thing we have in our garage that is so helpful are these bike hooks. I would suggest them to everyone.

They are great for more than just hanging your bikes. Besides our bikes, we use them for our camping chairs, golf clubs, patio table (it has removable glass), brooms, and our shovels.

It is a great way to get everything up and out of the way and it means we have a spot for everything, so it helps us to put everything back where it belongs.

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Organizing Your Bathroom

Lastly the bathroom. Let’s be honest ladies, and some men, you accumulate a lot of stuff!

I am not a woman that has a lot of makeup or hair products, but I look at my bathroom and I am surprised at how much there actually is.

Don’t get overwhelmed with everything you have though. Go through your makeup and get rid of what is old.

Get a makeup bag to organize all of your products and keep them from spreading all over the bathroom.

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Go through all the medications you might have and throw out what is expired.

Also, if you don’t use something anymore, such as an extra hairdryer, get rid of it. Same with your shampoos and lotions.

If your shower is starting to get too cluttered it’s become hard to shower, consider getting an organizer.

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This is a great shower-caddy that goes in the corner of your shower and has plenty of space for all of your shower products!

Big Difference

Getting organized can help you in so many different ways. Always remember that it does have an impact on your health and fitness.

If you are looking to become less stressed, be more energized, punctual, and sleep better,this is the way to do it.

Look at what is going to make the biggest impact for you. Start out small and organize your desk, kitchen table, and shoes.

Then, when you have the time, move on to bigger areas such as your closets, cabinets,and garage.

It is always a great idea to find some hacks to help make your life easier, such as the shoe rack, desk organizer, or the hooks for the garage.

If you have come across any great hacks that work for you, please share them below!

How to get Organized and Stay Organized
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