How to Stay Fit Over The 4th of July

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Staying fit over the 4th of July, or even over summer, can sometimes be a real challenge. You get busy, your social calendar fills up, and it gets hard to stay on track.

Between the graduation parties, weddings, the holidays, and other times just because it is nice out, consumes a lot of your time.

Take a moment and think of everything you have going on this summer? Add in all the things that are not planned and it’s crazy.

I love the 4th of July. It is probably my favorite holiday. We do a huge extended family get together on my mom’s side over the long weekend.

It’s filled with food, fun, bon fires, and great company. And I’ll be honest with you, it’s usually overeating and not that much exercise to compensate for it.

If any of that sounds like you, you are not alone! But that doesn’t mean there is no hope. There is.

Why Not Put Your Fit on Pause

Pause Button Not for Staying Fit Over the 4th of July

When it comes to staying fit over the 4th of July or over summer in general, many tend to put their fitness/weight loss goals on pause. I am all for having a cheat day every now and then but consider this.

If you put your goals on pause or have cheat days (or weekends) whenever you have something going on, how much are you really working on your goals?

By allowing yourself to do it that way, your progress takes a huge toll. It could end you back where you started or even worse.

It will also lead you back to all of those bad habits you worked so hard to break.

All of that turns into you feeling discouraged and that staying fit is something you just can’t do.

And that leads to you giving up.

But not anymore.

We are going to go over several tips that will greatly help you stay on the right track, while still being able to enjoy yourself.

So, print them off, write them down, save this post, or commit them to memory, because you are going to want to keep these close at hand.

Stay Fit Over the 4th of July Tips

People Watching Fireworks Staying Fit Over the 4th of July

I would say the hardest thing to maintain when it comes to staying fit is sticking to a diet if you are on one. That’s just my opinion. There is always so much good food at my family events, it seems impossible to behave.

If your goal is to stick with your workout routine, I feel that is much easier to do. And once you go through the tips you will understand why.

These tips address both. It might seem like it is geared more towards one or the other, but they do go hand in hand.

Everything in Moderation

Assorted Food Moderation to Stay Fit in Summer

I’m sure you have heard this a million times. But when it comes to your health and fitness goals, this is going to be your best friend.

Moderation allows you to indulge in some of the things you enjoy without going overboard.

For example, say you are trying to reach your ideal weight, so you are dieting. There is nothing wrong with having a small piece of dessert. Just keep it to one and not one of each kind of dessert.

If you don’t trust yourself to keep it to a minimum, tell someone you’re with to help keep you accountable. Knowing someone else is watching can help you to say no to unnecessary food or drinks.

This is also important for those not dieting. When you overeat or have a lot of food that isn’t necessarily good for you, it slows you down.

It makes you tired and can really decrease your energy to do anything. So, everything in moderation will keep you on the right track and allow you to still enjoy yourself.

Stay Active Stay Fit

People Dancing

In summer there are so many different ways you can stay active. Walking, biking, running, or playing a sport like volleyball.

Whatever you like to do, just make sure you continue to do it.

In my family we like to walk. Over the 4th of July we will take several walks, some after mealtimes to combat the full feeling.

Every little bit helps. And when you are eating more than usual, the extra activity can help make you feel less guilty for it.

I also suggest, if you routinely workout, to get an extra workout in ahead of time if you are coming up to a really busy week or weekend.

This will help you to feel like you are not slacking on your workout plan and make it less likely that you will put it on a long pause.

Always Remember Your Goals

Soccer Goal to Remember Why You are Staying Fit Over Summer

It is vital to always remember what your goals are and why you are doing this. You should constantly remind yourself of the end result you are trying to reach.

Whether it is getting to your ideal weight, being able to run a marathon, or just being healthier overall, your goals are important. If they weren’t you wouldn’t have bothered starting.

So, keeping those goals in mind and visualizing it, will help keep you on track. When you visualize the you, you want to become, it is awfully hard not to stick with it because the feeling the end result will give you is just that strong.

If You Take a Break Put a Time Frame on It

Wrist Watch to Put a Time Frame on Your Cheat Day to Stay Fit in Summer

Like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with having a cheat day. The key here is to schedule your break and put a strict time frame on it.

For example, if you know you are going to a party in two weeks, decide now that Saturday is going to be your day off. Then, when the time comes, ensure that you only stick to that one day.

Scheduling it in advance will help you mentally prepare that you get just that day, making your odds of sticking to it that much greater.

But again, everything in moderation is important to keep in mind when doing this as well. You don’t want to undo all of your hard work in one day, specifically if you are watching what you eat.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Scale with Tape Measure- Don't Get Discouraged to Help You Stay Fit

I say this one a lot. I have met a lot of people that when they get discourage, it ends up leading them to quit what they are doing.

You started to work on your health and fitness for a reason, so when minor set back arise, move past it.

For example, if you put on a little weight over the holiday weekend. People for some reason tend to weight themselves before and after the weekend.


You know how you ate and what you drank. And when you get together with loved ones for an extended weekend, odds are exercise is not worked into the agenda.

These types of weekends are a break from your everyday. A time to unwind and relax. So why put so much pressure on yourself by weighting yourself all the time.

This is also a good rule to follow even not on those weekends. Some people weight themselves every day. I get it, you want to see results.

But again, when people don’t see instant results it frustrates them. Don’t be that person. Take it in strides.

This tips also applies to those not dieting. If you skip a workout for a couple days or didn’t get as long of one in as you would normally, you should also not get discouraged.

You can get back into your routine, you just need to stay positive.

Grab a Buddy

Workout Buddy to Help Keep You Fit Over the 4th of July

This is always helpful! If you pick the right person you can really stay fit. That person should be someone that will help you with what you are working towards and vice versa.

For example, if you and a friend or family member are working on controlling your weight, you might ask each other to make sure neither of you overeat. When one sees the other overindulging, you discreetly let them know.

 I tend to use my husband as my buddy. He isn’t always a fan of it. He claims I am a little too driven sometimes, so he prefers I just relax on occasion and not worry about those things.

But if I ask him to, he has no problem helping me stay on track. And I can help him make sure he doesn’t overeat.

No matter who you use just make sure they are reliable and that you tell them to be discreet. I mention this again because no one likes to be called out on something in front of a bunch of people. It can be embarrassing.

You don’t need the added stress of that so just discuss it ahead of time.

Last Thought to Stay Fit

Fireworks Staying Fit Over the 4th of July

For most people, the summer and holidays like the 4th of July can set back your health and fitness goals. You get extremely busy and gets put off.

But there are several things you can do to help you stay on track and keep working towards your goals.

You can still have a great time with all of you family and friends while continuing to improve your health and fitness if you remember, everything in moderation. You can indulge in what you like but keep it to a minimum.

Continue to stay active in any way possible. If you have a family get together, take some nice walks. No one has to overexert themselves and you will get some exercise in.

Continuously remind yourself why you are going after these goals and visualize the result. This will be especially helpful if you are losing motivation or wanting to put those goals on hold.

If you do decide to take a break, put a time frame on it. And make it a short break. This will help to ensure you don’t extend it to indefinite.

Finally, find a buddy. Someone you can count on to help keep you accountable and aide you with your goals.

By using these tips, you will feel that you can take on your summer and your goals without having to sacrifice either one!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of walking or other easy ways to be healthy, check out my posts.

How to Stay Fit Over Summer
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