Is Your Sports Drink Really The Best?

Man With a Towel Drinking A Sports Drink

The main reason I am writing this post on sports drinks is because of my sister. Her husband got her a pre-workout sports drink to help her get a jump on her workout.

When she got it she texted me and asked if I had ever heard of it and if I knew if it was safe. She also wanted me to try it with her.

I looked up the product and did some research to check it out for her. I am not a nutritionist and I want to make that clear, but I do like to do some digging if I am unsure of a product.

My sister and I talked about it and have been trying this product. Then she told me I should do a post on this product.

I thought about it and realized that many people, like she and I, probably don’t know all there is to know about sports drinks that are labeled as good for us.

Again, I am not a nutritionist, but I wanted to review some popular sports drinks for you. It is always best to know as much as possible about what you are fueling your body with.

And Maybe you find that you should make a change!

What Are Electrolytes

Electrolytes are mineral compounds which produces ions when dissolved in a solution such as water or blood.

These ions have either a positive or negative electrical charge, which is why we refer to these compounds as electro-lytes.

Importance of Electrolytes

Benefits Of Staying Hydrated With A Woman Drinking Sports Drinks

If you workout then I know you have heard of electrolytes and that it is important to replenish them. But do you really understand why?

Electrolytes help your body do what it does. They regulate nerve and muscle functions, which means they aid in contracting your muscles.

Electrolytes also help produce energy for your body.

You need to keep a proper balance of electrolytes to make sure your body functions properly. You can have too high or too low of electrolytes, which can cause an electrolyte disorder.

Regular water is fine unless you are working out for longer than 90 minutes.

When you do a hard long workout where you are dripping sweat, you may need something more than water. And in these cases, water could actually dilute the electrolytes you do have.

Is It OK To Drink Electrolytes Everyday

Woman Standing Next To Bike Drinking a Sports Drink

There is no need to drink an electrolyte enhanced drink everyday. As I stated earlier, regular water is just fine in most cases.

However, if you are doing an intense workout, sweating a lot, if your in a hot environment, or  if you are sick with symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea, it may be beneficial.

Keep in mind you can have too many electrolytes in your body, which can cause severe issues, such as dizziness, muscle spasms, heart arrhythmia, confusion, and vomiting.

I make sure I am only occasionally have a drink like this. I would suggest that for as well. However, if you have questions, check with your doctor.

Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks in a Grocery Store

People drink sports drinks to help replenish the electrolytes they lose when working out.

It is vital to make sure you are drinking these enhanced waters for the right reasons.

Many people do not like plain water, which is why some choose these drinks. Again, you do not want to overdo it with putting electrolytes into your body.

I think a lot of people are mislead when they grab a sports drink that is labeled as good for them.

I want to break down a couple popular drinks for you, so you can make the best choice when reaching for an electrolyte enhanced drink.

What Should You Look For In A Sports Drink

What you need to do when looking at a sports drink to see if you should choose it, is look at the label.

If you aren’t familiar with reading a nutrition facts label, this post can be your guide! And I’ll tell you from experience, once you learn to look at the label, you will do it more than you think.

Ideally, what you want to look for in your sports drink is that it is low on sugar. Many sports drinks now rely on natural sweeteners and coconut water to flavor their drinks.

You also want it to be naturally colored, meaning no food coloring is used. Another plus is that drinks with no food coloring aren’t going to turn your lips and mouth bright colors.

And, if it is a drink to help replenish your electrolytes, you also want your drink to have sodium and potassium.

Keep in mind, if you are someone that believes all carbohydrates are bad, you do want some in your sports drink. This helps to regulate your blood glucose levels and provides energy. But, you don’t want a drink that is packed with carbs. 14g in an 8-ounce serving is good.


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This is the sports drink that has been around for many years and is still king in many people’s eyes when it comes to these drinks.

In 12oz of Gatorade there is about 80 calories with 22g of carbs and 21g of sugar. It also contains food dye.

Gatorade Zero on the other hand has no sugar but it is also packed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

Before I started researching for this article, I knew that Gatorade wasn’t exactly a healthy option. But I didn’t realize just how many other healthier options were out there!

Gatorade Sports Drinks Nutrition Facts Label


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Much like Gatorade, Powerade has 80 calories per bottle with 21g of carbs and 20g of sugar. This is all added sugar and they do use artificial coloring.

Powerade Zero has zero sugar but is still packed with all the other chemicals.

In my opinion, if you are looking to be healthier, especially after a workout, there are better options than this. You don’t just want to load yourself up on sugar.

Vitamin Water

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Vitamin water has added vitamins and minerals in it. Unfortunately, when it comes to a lot of the added nutrients, most people are not deficient in them, so they aren’t that necessary.

This water is a great source of B Vitamins and Vitamin C.

In a 16.9oz bottle, there is 100 calories with 28g of carbs and 27g of sugar.

Vitamin water does make a zero option as well so there are no calories, 0 sugar, and only 4g of carbs.

The zero is a much healthier option considering how much sugar is in the normal vitamin water.

I have had this before and it does have good flavor, but not the water I would choose as my sports drink.

Vitamin Water Sports Drinks Nutrition Facts Label

Propel Water

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This is a pretty go option. It contains no calories, sugar, or carbs. It contains vitamin B6, C, and E.

However, it does have sucralose (you may know it as Splenda), which is an artificial sweetener.

Other than that, it is relatively healthy and a better option than sugar packed sports drinks.

Propel can be purchased in bottles or in powder drink packs.

Propel Sports Drinks Nutrition Facts Label

Celsius Drink

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This is the water that my sister wanted me to check into.

I actually really liked this water. I typically have a cup of coffee in the morning. Instead, on days I have this water I skip my cup of coffee because of the caffeine.

I would say that this does give you an extra jolt for your workout and my sister has stated the same effects for her as well.

They say this water can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. I can’t attest to that because I am new to trying it and I don’t drink it everyday. But I would love to hear from people that do use it to burn fat on whether it noticeably helps or not.

In a 12 ounce can, there are just 10 calories, 2g of carbs, and no sugar (they use sucralose). It is also packed with B Vitamins and Vitamin C.

There can also be bought in a can or in powder drink packs.


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These drinks are packed with B Vitamins, as well as Vitamin A, C, and E.

If you look at the ingredients, you can see that it has natural flavor and sweeteners and no artificial colors.

If you choose the normal BodyArmor drink instead of their Lyte, you are looking at 120 calories per bottle. It contains 28g of carbs with 28g of sugar. 26g of that sugar is added.

If you compare that to their Lyte, it only has 40 calories in a bottle, with 20g of carbs and 6g of sugar.

I have had BodyArmor before. I enjoyed the flavor and the fact that it isn’t packed with high fructose corn syrup. The coconut water is refreshing as well.

Roar Organic

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This is another coconut water infused drink. It is very low on calories and sugar. Plus, it doesn’t contain any caffeine, for those who are sensitive to it.

It is a good source of B Vitamins and Vitamin C. Roar organic also has antioxidants and electrolytes.

Like many of these drinks, you can get it in a bottle or buy the powder sticks to mix up your own.

I have not tried this water but I do like that it doesn’t contain much sugar and uses the coconut water for natural sweetness.

Roar Organic Sports Drink Label

NOOMA Organic

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This is a great option for a sports drink. I will say it is a more expensive water, but it is all organic and gluten-free.

There are only 30 calories in a carton with 7g of carbs and 5g of sugar. It also contains sea salt for sodium.

This is also a coconut water and comes in a variety of awesome flavors.

If you are looking for a healthy option to replenish those electrolytes, this is a water you may way to try!

I can tell you I will be trying this water. I mainly only drink water, so if I can find some other options that aren’t packed with sugar and contains the vitamins and electrolytes I need, they are worth giving a shot.

Your Sports Drink

I want you to take a look at your sports drink today. Really look at it and break down what is in it.

Most people pick a sports drink because it tastes good and it is marketed as healthy. But there are so many options out there.

I just broke down Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, Vitamin Water, Celsius, Roar Organic, and NOOMA Organic.

There are some great electrolyte enhanced sports drinks out there for you. You just need to take a closer look!

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