Keeping Up With Your Health and Fitness During COVID-19

Health and Fitness During COVID-19

Are you trying to keep up with your health and fitness during COVID-19?

Well, if you haven’t thought about it, now is the time. This is the perfect time to get back on track. 

I am going to walk you through what you can do to keep up with your health and fitness while all of this craziness goes on around you. 

Time to Keep Up With Your Health and Fitness

Time to Keep Up With Your Health and Fitness During COVID-19

We live in a busy world and we all feel pressed for time. It never seems like there is enough time in the day to get everything done that you want to.

And I realize it can be hard to look past all of the bad things that have come from this pandemic.

The uncertainty of how long it will last, the fact that you can’t get toilet paper anywhere and many food items are out of stock.

The economy and financial situation of many can be scary as well.

But you should also look at the positives.

You are now given more time.

Maybe you aren’t working right now or you are working from home. This gives you so much more time.

You don’t have to take the time to get ready and commute each day. And plans that were scheduled are now put on hold because you should be staying home as much as possible.

This is great!

That extra time, even just commute time, can really add up.

And you can take that extra time to really work on your health and fitness.

Keeping Up With Your Health

Doctor- Keeping Up With Your Health During COVID-19

We are going to start with what you can do to keep up with your health during COVID-19.

And I’m not talking just about staying away from people so you don’t get or pass COVID-19.

I’m talking about working on all areas of your health. In the panic and uncertainty, many people have overlooked these things.


Fresh Pasta on Leafy Greens

You can now take the time to prepare healthier meals.

So many people are stocking up on things like frozen meals, pizzas, and pasta.

Now, if you actually have to be quarantined in your house for two weeks and not leave, that’s a smart plan to have some extras.

BUT, why not plan a week of healthy meals and get some fresh ingredients. You can make and freeze some healthier meals for later on as well.

I went to the store recently and it was so interesting to see what people are stocking up on. To see what people value.

There were only a couple bags of flour and sugar left on the shelves. Most canned vegetables where gone. And the produce section looked practically untouched.

I thought to myself, aren’t people still going to cook for themselves this week or the next?!

And maybe it’s because I enjoy cooking and fresh ingredients but I hope I don’t get stuck having to eat canned and frozen meals for over a week.

Think about that for a little bit.

And consider how nice it would be to have nice home cooked meals for a while.

Life is so busy but now you have the time to focus on it.


Meditation for Self-Care Keeping Up With Health and Fitness During COVID-19

Self-care is another aspect of your health that is typically neglected. But it is such an important part of your well-being.

You are stuck at home so why not make the most of it.

Take some time to do the things you love.

Read that book you have been waiting to have time to read. Take some extra time and play with your pets. Reconnect with your loved ones.

Whatever makes you happy, put more effort into it. This is a stressful time and a situation we have no control over.

So, take the time to destress and relax.

It might be hard, but to be at your healthiest, you need to work on it.



Now is also the time to try something new!

I get we are cooped up in our homes so you are kind of limited. I’m not talking about trying skydiving or anything.

What I am suggesting is getting back into your old hobbies you had to give up. Or tying a new hobby.

Maybe you have always wanted to knit a blanket. Give it a shot.

Or maybe you have thought about trying yoga or meditation. Take the time and see if you like it.

You have this extra time so why not use it in ways you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You might just find something you love.


Cleaning Supplies- Keeping Up With Health During COVID-19

You are probably thinking why are we talking about cleaning when this is supposed to be about your health.

Well, cleaning helps your health in many ways.

First off, and most obviously, it gets rid of germs.

During a pandemic, that is key.

We already talked about how busy we are all of the time, but now you have some extra, so you can work on cleaning areas you typically don’t get around to often enough.

Do a deep clean, unclutter and organize your house.

It has been proven that decluttering can improve your mental health and reduce your stress.

I highly suggest if your bedroom is cluttered, clean that for sure. It will help you get a better night’s sleep as a bonus.

Don’t put this off. Do it now while you are stuck at home so when you can get out and enjoy the world again, you don’t need to take the time to do it.

Keeping Up With Your Fitness

Keeping Up With Health and Fitness During COVID-19

Now we will discuss how you can keep up with your fitness during COVID-19.

For me, working out makes me feel great but I always feel like I am pressed for time.

Sometimes I will skip working out when I planned to because something else came up or I’ll cut it short so I can get other things done.

However, this pandemic does not look like it is going to go away any too quickly.

Which is actually a benefit if you think about your fitness.

You can get yourself into a workout routine and hopefully be able to carry it over once things get back to normal.

The problem most people have is getting started. But you are being given the time right now to get started!

Don’t waste this opportunity if you really want to get in shape and stick with it.

What you need to do is look at your schedule right now. This applies more so for those working from home.

And look at your schedule on a typical day, minus the pandemic.

Then find a time that would work for you now and in the future.

Maybe mornings are best so when you get back to work you wake up a half hour earlier.

Find what fits for you and work towards it.

Sticking With Your Health and Fitness After COVID-19

Weekly Planner

You have the time now so you should make the changes you want to make.

Just keep in mind that you can carry that over once things are back to normal.

Remember, the goal is to stick with your health and fitness during COVID-19 and after.

You can make a plan to stick with eating healthy, making time for self-care, and keeping up with fitness.

Learn to meal plan and prep to help you continue eating healthy.

And put aside some time a few days a week to do things you enjoy and workout.

If it helps, decide that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s will be workout days. And you will set aside a few hours on the weekend to work on your hobby.

Don’t let yourself make excuses.

If you make a plan and want to stick with these things bad enough, you will be able to balance it.

Keep In Mind

People Around a Campfire

You will not be cooped up in your house forever.

Whether you are working from home or not working for the time being, you have some extra time on your hands.

Use it wisely to keep up with your health and fitness during COVID-19.

Get yourself up off the couch and do something!

Cook healthy meals, practice some self-care, get some cleaning done, and throw some fitness in there.

And remember, you can make a plan to keep up with your health and fitness after COVID-19 as well!

COVID-19 How TO Keep Up With Your Health and Fitness
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