Healthy Habits Series: Kitchen Clean Up For Your Healthy Eating Made Easy

Kitchen- Kitchen Clean Up

If you are working on your healthy habits and you are wondering how to do a kitchen clean up for healthy eating made easy, then you have come to the right place.

If you aren’t quite sure what that means, stick with me. You are going to love this!

This is one of my favorite habits to teach people!

I will go over what a kitchen clean up is, why you need to try this, and how to do it.

As you go through this post, keep your kitchen in mind. What areas do you need to work on? And what is the biggest change you want to make?

What Is A Kitchen Clean Up

This is just what I like to call organizing AND cleaning your kitchen. The purpose of this is for 2 specific reasons.

You want to not only clean out your kitchen, but you want to organize it in a way that is going to be better for your healthy eating habits.

We are going to get into this a little bit more when I walk you through exactly how to do your kitchen clean up.

For now, just knowing you will be cleaning and organizing is enough. 

Why You Need To Do A Kitchen Clean Up

Pantry Filled With Food

Now, it might seem obvious as to why you would do a kitchen clean up if you are trying to eat healthier.

BUT so many people don’t do it!

I believe it is either because it never crosses most people’s minds or they don’t do it in a way that works for them.

We will cover this a little more in the next section too when we pull it all together.

I absolutely love this approach. And I have seen it work time and time again in my house.

To give you an example, my husband is not a huge fruit person. There are some like grapes and bananas that he does enjoy. So, as part of my organization, I have a spot out in the open where I keep our bananas. 

My husband sees them, so he will choose to grab one to eat if he needs a snack or to throw in his lunch.

Also, whenever we buy grapes I pull them off the stem and wash them. Then I put them in a container in the front of the fridge. When we open the fridge, they are easily noticed. This is perfect for my husband to grab a handful when he gets home from work as a snack.

I have found small organizations like this can make all the difference!

I am going to be honest with you. If you decide to do this, don’t half a$$ it. You just won’t see the changes.

How to Do A Kitchen Clean Up

Fridge With Food- Kitchen Clean Up

Here, we get into the heart of it! I am so excited for you because I know how beneficial this is going to be for you.

Don’t think of how to organize your kitchen as a chore, but rather a step towards making healthier choices!

To start, I suggest you do a normal kitchen cleaning. So, go through your cabinets and get rid of what is expired. Do the same with your refrigerator.

I know you might think this is a waste of time to go through your cabinets and fridge twice, but I suggest starting this way because it is less overwhelming to do it in steps. It allows you some more room for later on too.

Next, you need to grab something to write with and something to write on.

You are going to look through your cabinets and fridge.

Then, make a note of foods you want to eat more of and those you would like to eat less of.

This is an important step because this will impact how you organize your kitchen. So be brutally honest with yourself. If you are like me and those cookies call your name, write that down.

An example of how this will work later might look something like this. If you keep fruit and fruit juice in the fridge, you might decide you want to eat more whole fruit and drink less of the sugary drink. That means you would put the fruit in front of the juice or even hide the juice farther back in the fridge.

This is important for when you organize your kitchen to make it work for you.

One of the biggest areas you want to look at is your snacks.

Most people keep snacks in the house and there is nothing wrong with that. My husband prefers we do not keep much in the way of snacks because he knows he will eat if, even if he doesn’t need it.

If you are working on making a change though, the snacks can make it difficult. So, take some time to really look at the snacks you are eating and even note how often you eat them.

Don’t forget to write those notes down. It will make it easier to review later on.

If need be, get rid of those things that you just can’t control yourself around and don’t want to worry about.

Once you are done with that, make your way around each area in your kitchen to rearrange your food.

Put the options you deem as healthier within reach/sight/or easy access.

Then, put those items you don’t want to eat as much of, in harder to reach and see areas.

This might sound weird, but for many people it works!

It helps them stop and think, do I really need that snack or will this healthier snack do? 

It gives you that opportunity to access before just blindly grabbing. And if you do blindly grab, at least you are picking a food you feel better about.

What To Stock In Your Kitchen

Bowls of Stock Surrounded By Vegetables- What To Stock After Kitchen Clean Up

You might be questioning what you should be stocking your kitchen with to be healthier.

Well, it all depends on you.

I am a firm believer in finding what works for you and your body.

Not one certain diet is best because no two people are the same.

So, when you are looking to stock your kitchen to help eat healthier, I will suggest a few things.

Again, if they all aren’t right for you, make substitutions that are.

Keep whole fruits and vegetables on hand.

In my kitchen, I usually cut up some peppers and have baby carrots. I also like to have bananas, strawberries, mandarin oranges, or grapes.

I switch it up by what is in season, on sale, or what we haven’t had in a while to make sure we don’t get bored eating the same thing.

I would also suggest crushed and diced canned tomatoes. These can come in handy for a lot of meals.

Other staples that are widely used in healthy cooking are olive oil, stock, rice or quinoa, eggs, beans, pasta, and nut butter.

This should give you a good idea of what to keep on hand and if you are looking for more ideas, check out my post on Common Cooking Ingredients.

And if you aren’t good at cooking, lack time, have food restrictions, or want to make mealtime easier, join my Facebook Group. I’ll help make mealtime a breeze!

Tips To Kitchen Clean Up

Pantry Close Up Full Of Food

Before I leave you to go rearrange your kitchen, there are a few tips I want to leave you with. Small things I have picked up that may be of use to you to organize your kitchen in the best way for you.

1. Check With Your Partner/Roommate

I feel I should mention this first because some people may get super excited to start going at their kitchen, and I hope you are, but it is important to touch base with those in your house.

Change is hard for a lot of people, so don’t just spring it on them.

And not everyone might have the same goal as you, so before you toss out those cookies you can’t resist, be courteous.

This will also help get others on board with it and make the transition that much easier.

2. Read Your Labels

When cleaning things out, take a look at the nutrition labels on your favorite foods.

Determine if they make the cut for you. And if they do, how often do you feel you can eat them to stick with your goal?

This is a great tip to use to help you better organize your cabinet too because it helps you determine where to put it.

Not sure how to read a nutrition label, I got you covered here.

This also leads me into the next tip.

3. Healthier Alternatives

For most snacks out there, whether you want something salty, sweet, crispy, or gooey, you can find a satisfying alternative.

This is going to require some taste testing on your part to figure out what you like.

For example, I get a sweet tooth so I have this much healthier Cocoa Crunch Topper I can use countless ways. In yogurt, pancakes or banana bread, or on top of banana slices with peanut butter, just to name a few.

I do want to point out, this goes hand in hand with tip 2. Just because the package says it’s healthy or is marketed to look that way, doesn’t mean it is.

I like to give the example of Veggie Straws. If you eat them, this is not a dig at you.

I just feel that people think they are much healthier than they actually are. They certainly aren’t like eating a serving of veggies.

If you compare them to regular potato chips they do have less fat. But other baked potato chips have less fat than the Veggie Straws.

So do your research to make sure your substitution holds up to your standards.

And extra pro tip if you are a chip lover. You can make your own homemade chips in the microwave without using any oil or butter. They come out crispy and delicious.

If you are interested how, send me an email.

Chip In Dip
4. Schedule A Time

This is one of those tasks that requires time. Make sure, before you get started, you set aside a good chunk of time to get it done.

This is where a lot of people slip up. They do not set the time aside, so they rush through it.

That means their kitchen is not set up as well as it could be. Or should be in order to be successful.

When making time, I am just going to suggest doubling the time you think it is going to take. That way, you have ample time to get it done right!

5. Maintain It

Like anything, you need to put in a little time to maintain it. Without doing this, you are going to end up right where you were before. And the reason you are here is because you don’t want to be there.

This is not going to take you much time at all. When you get home from grocery shopping, just assess.

Are things where you wanted them put?

Did the fridge fill up with leftovers so the fruits and veggies are now pushed to the back?

Just take a minute or two when you are restocking your pantry and fridge to reorganize if need be.

Soon, it will become second nature and you won’t even realize you are doing it.

6. Storage

The last pro tip I will leave you with is for storage. Life is easier when you have space and room for things.

We recently got this spice shelf, so we could more easily organize our spices. And it help to be able to see and reach whatever I’m looking for. This also freed up space for other items in my cabinets.

Buy Here

I also got some of these Ziploc Twist N Loc storage containers, just to have as extra.

Buy Here

They are perfect for cut up fruits and veggies or any dips/sauces we have.

By no means am I saying these are must haves. These are just to give you some ideas of what you could do in your kitchen to make it easier on yourself.

What you choose should work for you, your system, and your kitchen.

Go Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen Clean Up

Now is the time to get moving!

I get that doing a kitchen clean up and organizing your kitchen doesn’t sound like the most fun in the world. BUT you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want something to change.

So, as you clean out your kitchen and rearrange it, keep your why in mind as you’re getting the work done.

And keep my tips in mind.

Get others in the household on board. Make sure to read the labels on your favorite foods and consider if there are any healthier alternatives you would be happy switching to.

Schedule enough time to clean and organize your kitchen. Then, maintain your system each time you put groceries away.

Finally, consider if there are any storage options that might make your life easier. A small investment now can make a world of difference later!

I want to see your before and after photos of your kitchen clean out. Post them here and if you have any additional questions, I want to answer those too!

How To Organize Your Kitchen To Eat Healthier

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