Collaborative Goal Setting


If you want to get moving on your fitness and nutrition goals, but are unsure where to start, then start here! We will work together to come up with your goal and how you can realistically reach it. See the description below for more information.


Are you stuck on your fitness and nutrition goals? Confused on where to begin or what you should be focusing on?
I understand where you are coming from because I used to be the same way. It is frustrating to be stuck before you even begin and that is why I want to help you!
We have all been there. Making a New Year’s resolution that never seems to last longer than a couple of weeks, if you work towards it at all. Was it the right goal? Did you know how to reach it? These questions hold people back. Hold you back! It’s time to get the extra help you need.
Let’s collaborate and clarify what your true goal is. Then, we will make a plan on how you can start to reach that goal.
This will be a team effort geared towards creating a personalized plan for YOU, to get you started. We will narrow in on your goal, so you have a clear picture on what your end result looks like. And together, we will design a process with milestones and steps, to help you start to move in the right direction towards your goal.
I will share with you some techniques I have learned to help stay on track and increase your odds of success.
Imagine, finally getting on track to reach your goal!
We will collaborate by email. If you prefer video chat, we can address that possibility based on availability. Please feel free to email me with any additional questions.


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