What a 7 Minute Workout Can Do For You

Stop Watch - 7 Minute Workout

If you are looking to lose weight or just be healthier, then you know that working out is important. But sometimes it can be hard to find the time. And that is where the 7 minute workout comes in.

If you struggle finding time to work out, or the motivation to keep up a good workout for an extended period of time, then you are going to want to keep reading.

By the time you are finished reading this post, you are going to know everything you need to know about the 7 minute workout and what it can do for you.

What is the 7 Minute Workout

Man's Muscles - 7 Minute Workout Major Muscle Groups

It is a workout that targets all the major muscle groups in just 7 minutes. 

The focus of this workout is to target more muscles because, no matter what you are doing, you typically do not use just a single muscle to do something.

Think about that for a second. Simply bending down to pick something up requires multiple muscles.

Your muscles work in unison of each other, and this workout takes that into account.

You do each exercise for 30 seconds or long enough to get about 15-20 reps. You rest for 5-10 seconds in between sets.

Just be sure that you are focusing on the quality not the quantity of each exercise. Take the time to do them properly.

You can always increase the reps when you have more experience doing each exercise. 

This is also vital to ensure you do not injure yourself.

It is important to keep moving and push yourself as much as you possibly can. And the key is to alternate muscle groups.

It is meant to be an exhausting workout because you are working your whole body in a short period of time.

To get the most out of the 7 minute workout, you need to be intense. You have to put your all into it and really push yourself.

When you work out at this level, you only need the short amount of time to feel the benefits.

By the time you are done you should hate yourself for putting yourself through it.

But also, proud that you crushed it!

7 Minute Workout Scientific

7 Minute Workout Scientific

The 7 minute workout is a science-based circuit routine that uses just your body weight.

A study was done to figure out just how to get the most benefits in the least amount of time. From this, they made the 7 minute workout that requires high intensity while doing each exercise, with a brief break in between.

It is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. To learn more and get a longer HIIT workout, check out this post.  

On average, you can burn 15 calories per minute with this workout. And you should do it 3-5 times per week to get the best results.

7 Minute Workout Benefits

Person Looking at Their Watch - 7 Minute Workout is Quick

When deciding if this is right for you, it is important to know the benefits of the 7 minute workout.

1.       Quick workout

I love that it is only 7 minutes. I feel like I can work out more often because I do not have to carve out an hour in my busy schedule to do it.

2.       No equipment necessary

This is great! I have some exercise equipment but I like the fact that I don’t need it to do this work out.

And it is perfect for those who don’t have equipment and don’t want to invest in any.

3.       It’s a great workout

Think about the last time you got a really good workout in. How did you feel?

Great I’m sure because, even though you are putting your body through a lot, it makes you feel good.

7 Minute Workout Cons 

Teddy Bear with Bandages - 7 Minute Workout High Risk of Injury

As with anything, there are always some cons. I want you to be well informed so you can decide for yourself if this is the workout for you.

1.       Higher risk of injury

High Intensity Interval Training can have a higher risk of injury than other workouts. Especially for those who don’t work out routinely, are obese, or have poor joints.

That is why I say that quality over quantity is best and you can also work yourself up to more.

If you fall into one of these categories, but want to give this a try, take it slow at first.

2.       Not necessarily better than other workouts

Now, I know I have been saying how great this workout is, and I think it is, but some longer workouts can give you better results.

I recommend this workout for those who are pressed for time but want to make some improvements.

I do this on days where I don’t have much time, just to get some exercise in, and I do longer workouts when I can.

Sometimes I even do this work out and follow it up with some time on my row machine.

7 Minute Workout Exercises

Woman Doing Pushup - 7 Minute Workout Exercises

I want to give you an example of some common 7 minute workout exercises you will see. This is not a complete list, or the only exercises you can do.

Again, they are just common examples.

I do want to point out that you would complete these exercises in this order. You want to be sure to alternate muscle groups to get the most out of this workout.

To give you an idea of what a 7 minute workout consists of, here is what you can expect:

Jumping jacks

Wall sit



Step-ups (onto a chair or box)


Triceps dips on a chair


High Knees or running in place


Push-up and rotation

Side Plank

This has 12 exercises that you can do just once, or repeat the entire series a couple of times, if you have the time.

Obviously a couple of time is going to give you a better workout. Just be careful not to injure yourself.

Target Areas:

Body Outline - 7 Minute Workout Target Areas

To better understand what you will actually work when you do a 7 minute workout, here is a breakdown of what target areas will be used based on the workout given above.

Core: Crunches, planks, and side planks work your core.

Arms: Push-ups and triceps dips work your arms.

Legs: Jumping jacks, wall sits, step-ups, squats, and lunges all work your legs.

Glutes: Squats and lunges work your glute muscles/butt muscles.

Back: This is a full body workout, so even though none of the exercises are specifically for the back, the muscles still get worked.

NOTE: I want to repeat this. That means it is important. You should be careful. The more intense you go, the greater the chance for injury. So, make sure you are at a level where you can perform these exercises properly. If you have never done a workout like this before, I suggest starting at a beginner’s level.

7 Minute Workout for Beginners

Kneeling Pushup - 7 Minute Workout Beginner

There is a way to make this exercise work for your body. If you are not at the level to complete the standard workout for whatever reason, you can still do it.

All you need to do is substitute an easier exercise for the harder one. For example, are push-ups giving you problems? Instead, try kneeling push-ups or wall push-ups.

The purpose is to exercise 4 parts of the body.

Those are cardio, lower body, upper body, and core.

And in that order.

You go as hard as you can for 30 second, followed by 10 seconds of rest and onto the next exercise.

The key is to stick to that order so that each muscle group has about two minutes of rest before being engaged again.

7 Minute Workout Exercises for Anyone

Jump Rope - 7 Minute Exercises for Anyone

Here is a great list of some alternative exercises you can do if the standard exercise is too difficult. This is not a complete list, but can give you a good idea.

Cardio: jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope, march in place, stand and box

Lower Body: Chair-assist split squat, chair-assist squat, lunges, side lunges, lunges, wall sit

Upper Body: kneeling push-ups, push-ups, triceps dip, chair-assisted push-ups, wall push-ups

Core: Crunches, kneeling side plank, plank, superman, kneeling plank 

7 Minute Workout App

7 Minute Workout App

One of the great things about the 7 minute workout is, there’s an app for that. I have the app and I think it is great.

There are many options on the app that allow you to do a workout that is right for you.

An awesome feature they have is where you can build your own 7 minute workout with a variety of different exercise options.

For example, if you don’t like burpees you can choose jumping jacks, high knees, or any of the other dozen exercises suggested.

You can really build a workout right for you. And you can create different multiple custom workouts, so you can mix it up and even throw in some more challenges if you wish.

Is The 7 Minute Workout For You

Question Mark

That covers everything you need to know about the 7 minute workout. I promise the actual workout is much more intense. T

he key points you should have taken away from this is that the 7 minute workout is a high intensity interval training workout.

There are typically 12 exercises that you do for 30 seconds each, rest for 5-10 seconds, and more to the next exercise.

This is meant to work multiple muscles at once. Focusing on cardio, lower body, upper body, and your core.

You can complete the circuit just once, or do it a few times.

The benefits are that it is a quick workout, you don’t need equipment to do it, and it’s a great workout.

But also keep in mind the cons are that there is a higher risk of injury and that it is not necessarily better than a longer workout.

Keep in mind you can modify the exercises to fit your fitness level. And always focus on quality over quantity.

You can also download the 7 minute workout app and customize your own workout.

No matter if you choose to try this workout or not, get up and get moving!

And if you are looking for some easy ways to be healthy, check out this post!

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