What is Health & Fitness and Why Should You Care?

Health and Fitness-Woman doing Push-Up with Boxing Gloves on-Every Journey Begins with a Single Step, But You'll Never Finish if You Don't Start
Health and Fitness-Woman doing Push-Up with Boxing Gloves on-Every Journey Begins with a Single Step, But You'll Never Finish if You Don't Start

This post is for those starting at the very beginning, and even those who have been at it for a while. It is a reminder about what health and fitness is and why it is so important.

So, let’s start with a brand new slate.

Maybe you are at a point where you want to learn more about health and fitness, so you can determine how to reach your goals. I have been there, which means I know how vital it is to really understand this part of the journey.

If you want to be successful, you can’t start in the middle. I know you probably want results, like now. But you can’t rush a great thing.

We are going to start at the beginning. We will progress through your journey so that each post gets you closer to achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever those may be!

What is Health & Fitness

If we are going to get you rolling on this health and fitness journey of yours, it is important that you first know what you are getting into.

The World Health Organization defines health as “not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”. Fitness is the activity you do that helps you meet that definition of health.

It is really a phrase that encompasses very large topic with many, many subtopics. Does that make sense?

Let me give you an example. Imagine you are healthy physically. That your blood pressure is perfect, your cholesterol is great, and you are in the normal range for your weight.

Maybe all of these things already to apply to you, and if they do that is great, but if not just imagine that for a second. That is the health part of health and fitness.

The fitness part is what you do to keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight great. You certainly wouldn’t expect to be in this type of physically shape if you hit up fast food joints for every meal.

Instead, to maintain this you would probably watch what you eat, make sure you are getting the right nutrition, and are probably moderately active.

That is health and fitness in a nutshell.

What Constitutes Good Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness- Drinking Water, Working Out, Healthy Eating, Sleeping Well

What is considered good health and fitness is really a matter of opinion. I would say that it is a balancing act. Eating right, staying active, and maintaining your mental health as well.

Now I do not claim to be a nutritionist and I know I do not know everything there is to know about health and fitness. It is just to vast a topic. However, I have had an interest in the subject for most of my life.

I have seen many trends come and go. Listened to a lot of varying opinions. And the thing with this topic is that everyone has an opinion on it. What they claim you should be doing one day; you shouldn’t be doing the next.

Take for example the food pyramid.

In the 1990’s it looked like this.

1990 Food Guide Pyramid for Health and Fitness

In 2005 it switched to this.

2005 Food Guide Pyramid for Health and Fitness

Now that is a big change! It has been completely re-figured.

What I am getting at is that you will always come across opinions that contradicts another. If you stick with reading my posts, you will find what good health and fitness means to you!

Why You Should Care

When you are looking to drastically improve your life, health and fitness is definitely the place to start. There are so many benefits that come with it and it affects every area of your life.

If I were to list all of the benefits that come with good health and fitness, the list would be insanely long.

But a few great benefits you can expect are:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • More energy
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Lower chance of diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and other diseases
  • Stronger muscles
  • Lower stress
  • Better flexibility
  • Stronger joints
  • Higher overall general happiness

Now, like I said those are only some of the benefits you can experience when you work on your health and fitness.

Don’t those sound like great benefits? Now think about how that can play into the rest of your life.

Lets use an example. Think about your work life for a minute. Maybe you love your job. That is great if you do, but there are many out there that feel it could just be better.

Now think about all of those benefits again.

Just pick a few out, like lower stress, more energy, and more overall happiness. Wouldn’t those few perks make your work life better? Which would then spill over into your home life.

No one likes to admit it but work does follow us home sometimes, no matter how hard you try not to let it. But if you are happy with your work, I’m sure you would agree you would want that feeling to follow you home.


Don’t we all want to be at least a little happier, healthier, and more fit? I’m sure you don’t want to change who you are, you just want to enhance what you already have!

We all strive to be better. Working on yourself is how you grow as a person and that can help you reach other goals you might have.

Health and fitness can help you to improve on your physical, mental, and social well-being. If you are hoping to experience many of the great benefits, it is important to know about the subtopics of health and fitness, so you can make lasting changes.

If you are looking for easy ways to be healthier, check out my post 6 Easy Ways to Be Healthier Each Day and take my 7 Day Challenge.

Health and Fitness
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