What’s Frustrating About Health & Fitness

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We all work on bettering ourselves. We try this diet and that fad. Those shakes and some random miracle pills. All so we can become the version of us that we really want. Health and fitness can be frustrating!

So, I am going to take a moment to talk about all those frustrating things.

This might be a little more of an unconventional post. I know we are working on getting you to a happier, healthier, stronger you, but I feel like these things need to be pointed out.

Knowing about them can help you overcome some of the frustration you might be having.

There are many different aspects of health and fitness that get irritating to hear over and over again.

So, here we go. Exposing all those things and get them off your chest and out of your way!

Everything is Easy

Easy Button

This has to be one of the biggest things we see. All of these posts talk about how getting to the weight you want is easy. Or anyone can get the 6 pack abs they desire.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel that anyone can reach their ideal version of themselves. But I also believe that it needs to be a gradual change and needs to be followed up, so it lasts.

For many people losing weight, gaining lots of muscle, or having great mental health isn’t that easy.

They struggle to find what works for them and a routine they can follow.

It sucks that many products state that it is so easy. Because what happens when it isn’t easy for you?

You feel bad about yourself. You tell yourself you just can’t do it. That it’s impossible. And that causes so many other issues.

But you can overcome this!

Every time you see something like this, you just need to remind yourself that you don’t want to take the easy route.

That good things take time.

Lasting change takes time.

And you can make any changes you want!

Everything is Quick

Alarm Clock Going Off

Now this ties in with what we just talked about. However, I think it still needs to be noted because we often see advertisements about everything being so quick and easy.

I shake my head every time I see these because we all want results fast. I know I do, but I also realize that lasting results are never a quick fix.

And unfortunately, that is what a lot of these are.

They might be able to help you lose 5 pounds in a week. Or how to tone your arms in 2 weeks. But what they lack is follow through.

They can get you to lose that weight or tone those muscles, but they don’t help you maintain it.

So, remind yourself that the changes you want are going to take time and effort to last.

There is nothing wrong with taking the more difficult path. In the end, it will be much more worth while.

The Way Society Defines Beauty

Beautiful Blue Flower with Water Drops On It

This one I hate! I’m sure many of you do as well. It is terrible to put people in boxes and say they should look a certain way.

Just because someone isn’t skinny, and fit doesn’t make them less beautiful.

This makes health and fitness frustrating!

And what is worse, it is drilled into children at a young age. So instead of teaching them to be who they are, they think they have to fit this mold.

I know many of people who would like to change things about themselves, but they are the most beautiful people I know. To me, their personalities, minds, and hearts, greatly outweigh what they look like on the outside.

No one should be made to feel less than because they don’t look a certain way.

Now don’t misunderstand me. If there are some things you want to improve, there is nothing wrong with that! We all want to become the best version of us. But you should always be doing it to make you happy, not for anyone else.

If you ever have the feeling that you are less than, just remember that part of the beauty in life is that we all look different. And that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Bad Products

Bottle of Diet Pills with Tape Measure Around It

The last frustrating thing about health and fitness are all of the products.

It seems that many people are just trying to make money even if they are selling a product that isn’t really all that helpful.

Think about all of the diet pills, meal plans, self help books, and exercise equipment you have ever seen.

I’m not saying all of these products aren’t helpful, because some really are. But some people seem to just throw something out there to get sales without having a product that helps transform their customer.

Many people fall into the trap of trying many of these items. And because they aren’t very successful, it leads you back to feeling bad about not reaching the results that you want.

To overcome this irritation, it is best to do your research and read reviews. This might take a little time to find the right products, but it will help you to buy what is best and lessen the chance of falling into that depression if it doesn’t.

Overcome It

Beach with SUCCESS Written in the Sand

Realizing that these annoyances are out there and venting about them can actually be helpful. Health and fitness can be frustrating. Understand that there are many people, advertisements, and products out there that are only trying to sell you something. And tell you, you can fit into a certain category.

But always remember that you work on your health and fitness for you!

You are working to become the version of you, you want. And it doesn’t have to be the version others think you should be.

If you want those goals to last, it is not going to be quick or easy.

The many products out there can help you reach those goals, but don’t get scammed by bad products just trying to make a sale.

And always, always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Keep that in mind and staying confident will help you to overcome these frustrations!

If you are looking to boost your confidence, see my next post!

Frustration with Health & Fitness
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Published by Amy

I have always had a strong passion for health and fitness, as well as helping others. So much so, that I went on to receive my Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification. My goal is to help others feel at their best! I know it can be a struggle to reach your fitness goals, whether it is losing weight, getting in shape, or improving your overall health. I want to help you reach your goals and find what works best for you so you can stick to it! Let's work on making you Happy Healthy and Strong!

2 thoughts on “What’s Frustrating About Health & Fitness

  1. I have a friend that would want to try every new weight loss pill that was advertised to her. She would send it to me because I’m a little more tech savvy and better at researching. I personally never believe in taking any weight loss pills if you aren’t planning to make other lifestyle changes. But it’s what she really wanted so I would research and point out the pros and cons of each and persuade her away from some that seemed dangerous. She spent a lot of money on a lot of different pills. Only taking the pill and not changing the way she ate or adding any more activity. She did notice some curved her appetite and she would lose a few pounds at times but it was never enough, she would quit after one, maybe 2 bottles and go right on to the next. It wasn’t until she gave up on the pills and made an actual lifestyle change by getting a new, more satisfying and more physical job (without any diet pills) that she really started losing weight. BUT I feel like if she were to add one of the pills that helped her feel full faster now that she’s more active, she would be able to continue to further her success.

    1. It can be hard for many people who just want to lose weight to fall into buying everything and anything to lose weight quickly.
      But if you want lasting results you have to make some changes and stick with it.
      I’m not saying a pill wouldn’t help her get where she wants to be. Some products are great but they have to help the buyer make those lasting changes.
      Thank you for sharing!

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