Why You Need to Get an Air Fryer Today

Air Fryer with Multiple Air Fried Foods
Air fryer with multiple different air fried foods

Air fryers are a relatively new craze that many people have turned to. When it comes to food, most people are all about going for the quick and easy.

That is why fast food restaurants are so popular. There is nothing wrong with quick and easy, but it can be hard to find healthy options on top of it. With an air fryer, it is possible.

What is an Air Fryer

An air fryer is similar to a deep fryer, but it does not use oil. The food is cooked by heat that circulates around the food much like a convection oven does. This also gives your food a nice crispy outside.

Benefits of an Air Fryer


The air fryer is a healthier option than using a traditional deep fryer or stopping for fast food. The air fryer requires you to use just a light coating or no oil at all.

Even if you use some oil, it is suggested to use olive oil, which is also a healthier option than vegetable or canola oil.


There are many options on what you can cook in an air fryer. You can do way more than what your standard deep fryer can do. Not only can you do fries and onion rings, but you can also cook chicken, hard boiled eggs, and even cake!

Here is a great cook book that shows you all the possibilities for what you can make. This book also offer a lot of healthy options and who doesn’t love making good tasting healthy food fast?

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Easy to Clean

The air fryer has a removable basket just like a deep fryer, but because you are not using all of that oil, it is much easier to clean.

You also don’t need to empty the base of the fryer to clean it because, again, no excessive oil. That means you can just use a soapy washcloth to wash down the bottom of the air fryer.

Fast Cook Time

The air fryer preheats in minutes. Also, with the air fryer being more compact, it cooks food much faster than your oven. A basket of nice crispy fries takes about a third of the time it would take to cook in an oven.


It is a fantastic way to reheat a lot of foods. When you reheat in the microwave, a lot of the time the food will get soft. Let over fries or fried chicken are fantastic reheated in the air fryer. With the air fryer you get a nice crispy texture to the outside.

No Bad Smell

You use little to no oil. You will never have to have the odor of used oil stinking up your house. The only aroma you will be smelling is whatever delicious item you decided to cook!

Easy to Use

It is pretty simple to operate. Most fryers have easy to use buttons as well. Also, with the number of recipes available for the air fryer, you never have to guess. You can simple look up what you want, and you can find dozens of options.

Best Air Fryer Accessories

Now that you know more about air fryers and how great they can be, let me share with you some great accessories you use with it.

These are all great to have and can really increase the amount of options for what you can make.

Always make sure when you purchase items, that they are compatible and fit your fryer.

6 Piece Set

This is a 6 piece set that offers a lot of options. It fits all standard air fryers, 3.7qt to 5.3qt. It includes a cake barrel, a pizza pan, a metal holder, a multi-purpose rack with skewers, a silicone mat, and an egg bite mold.

You can make many extra foods by having this set. From making your own pizza, to meat and vegetable skewers, to cake.

It is made from safe food grade and heat-resistant materials. All BPA free and dish washer safe.

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Olive Oil Sprayer

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This is one of my favorite accessories. Now I know they hake the olive oil spray that you can buy in the store. I’ve used it. The problem is, you have limited options on the flavors.

t can also get costly to keep buying it, if you use it frequently. This sprayer is reusable and allows you to use all your favorite oils in it. It is very easy to use.

The bottle doesn’t use aerosol but gives the same effect as and aerosol can. And it’s environmentally friendly because you wont be throwing away any more of the olive oil spray cans you buy at the store.

Muffin & Bread Cups

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These are another must have for the air fryer. They are made of silicone and are temperature safe from -104 F and +446 F.

These liners are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I love the fact that it allows you to make your favorite muffins or breads right in your air fryer.

And they are versatile so you can use them for more than just bread, like quiche or mini pot pies.


These liners are very popular for those who like to make baked goods, such as buns, breads, and dumplings. They don’t affect the taste of your food and make cleanup a breeze.

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Deep-Dish Pizza Pans

If you are a pizza lover then these are for you. These are a set of four, seven inch deep-dish pizza pans. They are very durable pans and feature perforations on the bottom so you get a nice crispy crust.

These are also nice to have because you can customize your pizzas, so not everyone has to agree on the same thing!

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The air fryer is a great kitchen appliance for anyone! It can save you time, help you cook healthier foods, is easy to use, and allows you to cook many different foods.

There are also many great accessories you can purchase to make it easier to cook a variety of foods in your air fryer.

If you are looking to purchase an air fryer or upgrade from the one you have, check you the 5 Best Air Fryers to Get on Amazon.

Why You Need an Air Fryer
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